In March 2019, Lane and Steph of Oveja Negra, headed to Sayulita, Mexico to ride bikes, catch waves, and escape the Colorado winter for a moment.  After riding amazing jungle trails built by their buddy Javier and his team at Wildmex they discovered an unexpected treasure.  Captured by the smell of fresh laundry Steph and Lane wondered into Noelia's Lavenderia only to discover she sold fabric too.  Rolls upon rolls of colorful mexican oil cloth sent their brains spinning.  Noelia even shared her special back room stock pile with them.  They packed their Portero™ Back Packs with as much yardage as they could and flew home.  And now, they want to share this beauty with ALLLLLL their friends, including you!
Please note that not only will this be the slickest bag you've ever bought, but also that 200 Pesos of every Sayulita Special bag sold will be sent back to this sweet town to help support trail building and environmental projects.  Because of this discounts will not be granted on these lovely bags.  Patterns will vary from color to color.

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