A Bit About Us...

Who, What, Where?

Oveja Negra designs, manufactures, and sells top-shelf bikepacking bags out of our fun and bustling factory in Salida, COWe are 16 people and 20 machines working our tails off to provide the best bags and customer service to our riders worldwide.
Since our start in 2012 we've been manufacturing bikepacking gear in the Upper Arkansas Valley of Colorado.  Born in a 300 square foot hole in the wall shop in the old mining town of Leadville, we've since moved our operation down valley to the river town of Salida.  Every bag that bears our name is manufactured by a small team of dedicated and talented sewers right here in our factory. 
When you decide to purchase an Oveja Negra product you are supporting our community. Thanks to you we are able to provide thrive-able careers to people who live and play in our funky little mountain town. We're also committed to supporting other US manufacturers; this helps us limit the environmental impact of the transportation of our raw goods as well as giving us and you the peace of mind that our materials are produced ethically by companies who invest in their communities. Over 90% of our raw materials come from other domestic factories.  
Beyond our ethos of domestic manufacturing, quality is king at Oveja Negra.  We are obsessive about the details and keep a close eye on every product.  Our gear is designed, tested, and sewn by cyclists that work hard to insure your adventures go off without a hitch. 

What does 'Oveja Negra' mean?

In short, Black Sheep. We love our home in Southern Colorado, and the American West is so heavily influenced by its Spanish roots that we decided the Spanish translation to "Oveja Negra" was a good fit. We embrace being the black sheep of the biking and manufacturing worlds.  

The Folks Behind the Bags...

Lane Willson - Flounder

  • Origin: Lexington, South Carolina
  • Favorite Trail: Solstice, Methodist Mt, Salida, CO
  • Favorite Bands: Too many to name, buuuuut: Grateful Dead, Ween, Phish, Billy Strings, Dolly, and more!
  • Favorite Beverage: COFFEE!!! 
  • Pizza or Tacos: Tacos!

Monty Willson - Founder/Designer

  • Origin: Lexington, Kentucky
  • Favorite Trail: Colorado Trail, Halfmoon-Twin Lakes when the leaves change colors
  • Favorite Album to Sew to: Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
  • Hobbies/Interests: Bicycles, Fly fishing, Bikepacking with a fly rod, Industrial sewing machines, Carpentry/Building

Stephanie Perko - CoOwner, Lead Sewer, Bathroom Attendant 

  • Origin: Pueblo, CO
  • Favorite Trail: Big loops over mountain passes on the moto: Marshall-Black Sage-Waunita-Cumberland-Ohio-Kebler-McClure-Indepenence
  • Favorite Album to Sew to: Dolly Parton happy hour!
  • Hobbies/Interests: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Fishing(Fly/Ice), Old VW's, Gardening, Herding small dogs, Arts+Crafts

Krista Jarvis - Senior Sewing Specialist

  • Origin: Slovakia
  • Tattoos or Nah? Favorite Tattoo: Yes! Sewing needle and thread
  • Favorite Musician or Band: Señor Coconut
  • Favorite Snack and Beverage: Chai Tea and Mixed Nuts
  • If you could have lunch with anyone: Milan Lasica - one of my favorite Slovak songwriters and comedians from childhood (always had a crush on him)

Jodi Kosmicki - Head Inspector and Sewing Specialist

  • Origin: South Bend, IN
  • Start Date: August 2019
  • Least Favorite Smell: Rotting fish
  • Favorite Quote: "The road goes on forever and the party never ends" -Robert Earl Keen
  • Favorite Trip: Tatshenshini/Alsek River Trip
  • Favorite Trail: Schofield Pass, from Marble to Crested Butte
  • Favorite Music to Sew to: Reggae, Blues, and Michael Franti...no oldies!
  • Hobbies/Interests: Riding bikes around town, x-country skiing, craft beer, cooking, travel, being in or on water, quilting, and crafts.

Dan Schwanebeck - Shop Wizard

  • Origin: Johnsburg, IL
  • Start Date: September 14, 2021
  • Favorite Quote: "When you respect your limits, others will learn to respect them, too." -Dossie Easton
  • Favorite Shoes: Vans
  • Favorite Book: Dune Series
  • Favorite Band: Billy Strings
  • Favorite Show: Heartstopper 
  • Least Favorite Smell: Teen Spirit
  • Favorite Hobby: Eating pickles while listening to the sweet sounds of the piccolo 

Jen Rilley - Snacker, Packer, Sewer

  • Origin: Raleigh, NC by way of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Favorite Shoes: Chacos
  • Favorite Band and Album: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
  • Favorite Snack: Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and Peanut Butter M&Ms 
  • Favorite Trail: Templeton Trail in Sedona, AZ

  • Origin: Hayward, CA
  • Start Date: April 20, 2021
  • Nickname: Tall Justin aka TJ aka Teej (because Justin P was already working here and is significantly shorter than Teej)
  • Favorite Piece of Advice: "Anything before 'but' is bulls#!+"
  • Favorite Trail: Chili Pepper
  • Favorite Album: The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Favorite Beverage: Latte with Crema 
  • Favorite Shoes: Anything breathable cuz my feet are always hot

Amanda Marshall - Witch of Threads

  • Origin: Woodland Park, CO 
  • Start Date: February 1, 2022
  • Nickname: Panda
  • Most Memorable Trip: Road trip through Baja
  • Least Favorite Smell: Microwaved, leftover pasta sauce
  • Favorite Book: The Alchemist
  • Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle
  • Favorite Trail: Mohawk Lakes - Breckenridge, CO
  • Favorite Snack: Cashews and Tea
  • Favorite Bands: Adriane Lenker, Blanco White, Greta Van Fleet


Kevin Feier - CoOwner, Cutting and Sewing Specialist

  • Origin: Medford, New Jersey
  • Favorite Trail: Talent Show Trail (located in Kevin's former backyard trail system)
  • Favorite Album to Sew to: Just the song of the sewing machine with a little dead silence sprinkled in.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Riding bikes, Running, River sports, Green product design, Boot making, Straw bale homes

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