A Bit About Us...

Who, What, Where?

Since our start in 2012 we've been manufacturing top shelf bikepacking gear in the Upper Arkansas Valley of Colorado.  Born in a 300 square foot hole in the wall shop in the old mining town of Leadville, we've since moved our operation down valley to the river town of Salida, CO.  Every bag that bears our name is manufactured by a small team of dedicated and talented sewers right here in our Salida shop.  We're committed not only to manufacturing in the United States, but doing so with as many domestically sourced materials as possible.  Beyond our ethos of domestic manufacturing, quality is king at Oveja Negra.  We are obsessive about the details and keep a close eye on every product, enabling our customers to focus on the adventure at hand. 

What does 'Oveja Negra' mean?

In short, Black Sheep.  'Oveja Negra' was thought up after a few months living on a bike in South America, but also embodies our love for the Spanish culture and namesakes that define the American West. 

Why choose our products?

When you decide to purchase an Oveja Negra product you are not only casting a vote for domestic manufacturing, you're supporting your own tribe.  Our gear is designed, tested, and sewn by cyclists that work hard to insure your adventures go off without a hitch. 

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