Tamar's Sparkle Motion Sticker

Tamar's Sparkle Motion Sticker

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Guys, gals and non-binary pals, I present to you: The Sparkle Motion Royale.

The list of ideas for what would eventually become this bag is actually still growing. The curse of the artisan is the brainstorm that never ends.

It was predominantly born from my love of vintage rockabilly. Retro glitter vinyl and rainbow leopard reflect the lifetime of always being a little bit different and the result of never fitting in.... different spokes for different folks can actually be credited to my husband. He is my own business partner and knew I was scheming for the perfect idea that would encapsulate me in a bag. That mixed with my own love of sugar skulls and weirdness por vida.

So here it is, with love, I hope you go Bahhhhhh-listic for it.