Will you restock items that are sold out?  In most cases, YES!  We keep all of our bikepacking gear in constant production and will continue to manufacture them in these colors: Black, Slate Gray, Flo Orange, Multicam Tropic, Multicam Black, and Wack. Please sign up for the "email me when available" alert option if an item is sold out.  This ensures you get an email the instant we add inventory to the website.  Please be aware restocked bags can sell out very quickly.  Limited Edition fabrics, T-shirts, hats, water bottles, stickers, patches, etc. may not be restocked.  To put your "vote" in for a restock of these items, please use the "email me when available option" as well.  

When will there be a restock of item "X"?  Soon, very soon...ish.  We are working very hard to keep all our in-house manufactured bikepacking gear in stock.  Turns out y'all love our stuff and scoop it up faster than we can make it.  For that we can't thank you enough.  We understand you really, really want "that" bag, in "that'' color, in "that" size, for "that" trip, AND you really want to support us.  If you really love us, one way to support us is with patience and understanding.  Quality is our number one priority: Quality of our product, customer service, and work environment.  This attention to quality requires time, often, an indeterminable amount of time.  "WHAT?!  That's no way to run a business!"  Well, it's different, but it's our way of life.  It means when a sewer has a sick child, they can take off all the time needed.  When one of our fellow US suppliers has a delay, we accept it and adjust.  When our favorite product sells out sooner than another, we may bump it to the front of the line.  We wish we could provide you a production schedule you could set your watch to, but we aren't robots.  We are people who are working our tails off, trying to grow our small business in a sustainable way, just like many of you.  Below you will find our production schedule.  It is updated regularly to reflect necessary adjustments.  Please use it with discretion.  OUR ADVICE, buy what you can now in the colors available.  They are all top notch and beautiful.  Or, be prepared to wait.  Can't wait?  Reach out to one of our dealers.  Please DO NOT email us for specific dates.  "But you said 'Customer Service' was your number one priority?!"  Every email read and answered is one less bag made.  Let us provide the best customer service by making as many bags for y'all as possible.  

How do I make sense of this "production schedule"?  On a Production Run Start Date the pre-production team starts gathering all the ingredients needed to make a large amount of a particular product and size.  This large amount is divided into boxes of smaller, more manageable amounts.  Then we spend a couple weeks cutting up fabric, webbing, hook and loop, zipper, etc.  When a box has all its ingredients we pass it along to the sewing team.  Some boxes are sewn up right away, others are saved for when the first boxes sell out.  After sewing, our products are fully inspected, added to our website, and are now available to be ordered and shipped by our customer service team.  VOILA!  Generally this process takes 4-6 weeks from the start date.  Sometimes it's sooner, sometimes later.  BUT "Under the Needle" lets you know who is sewing what right now!  (whoa, its like you're watching us!)  Bags that are "Under the Needle" will be available VERY soon, less than 2 weeks.  So, cheer on your favorite seamster, send 'em some cookies, and get ready to order!

Can I pre-order?  Nope.  Sorry, our system is not set up for pre-orders.

When will my order ship?   Anything available for purchase in our online store is in stock and ready to ship.  We ship all items within 1 business day.  If you are domestic, we ship via USPS Priority, which delivers in 1-3 business days to the lower 48 states.  Alaska and Hawaii should be delivered in 4-6 business days.  If you are international, your order will be delivered based on the shipping option you choose.  You will receive tracking information once your shipment is processed.  

My tracking info says my package is "delivered", but it wasn't!  #1 Check with your neighbors.  Most of the time your overworked carrier just put it on the wrong porch...seriously, 9 times out of 10.  #2 Call your LOCAL post office right away.  Your carrier knows the details of your delivery better than the help line.  No luck, #3 Start a claim here.  USPS is much more likely to reward individual recipients vs. business senders.  Plus, you know all the details of your neighborhood and other delivery circumstances that will help your claim along.  #4 DON'T WORRY!  Give us a heads up and we will figure it out together.   

My tracking information shows my package is stuck somewhere!  #1 Is this an international shipment?  Your package is most likely being processed in customs.  You should reach out to your local post office to see if you need to pick it up and/or pay an import fee.  NOT INTERNATIONAL, #1 Start an inquiry here.  Hopefully you hear good news soon.  If not, #2 File a claim here.  USPS is much more likely to reward individual recipients vs. business senders.  #3 DON'T WORRY!  Give us a call or email and we will figure it out together.  

Do you offer custom designs or colors?  No, sorry.  One day again?  Maybe, but don't wait for it.  We are so fortunate, through your support, that we have grown to a point where our stock products require our full attention.  We no longer make one bag at a time.  We do larger productions runs so that we can offer a wide selection of bags with more availability at a lower price point...this is the customer service aspect we have chosen to focus on.  There are many great custom bag makers out there and if you have the time to wait and mulah to cover the cost of custom we encourage you to support those awesome makers.

Can I pick out my Wack Pack?  Sure!  Come by our shop in Salida and dig through all the beautiful colors.  Can't make it to Salida?  Put your request in the "notes to seller" at check out in our online store.  We will accept 2 requests (No Camo, Orange Please, No Pink, Bright as Possible, Neutral Please).  We will TRY to honor your request.  If that "try" makes you nervous, Wack Packs may not be for you.  Can we take pictures of all the available Wack Packs and let you pick?....Nope, sorry.  While that may feel like great customer service to you it slows production and limits service to all other customers.

Which frame bag fits MY bike?  Hmmmmm, we aren't sure either.  Please check the size chart on the individual frame bag pages of our website.  "What the heck, you are not familiar with every bike frame in existence?"  Nope.  Frames are constantly changing from year to year.  Sometimes it is an opinion of what is the "best" fit and our opinions may differ.  For 1/2 Packs and SuperWedgies it is best to measure your bike's interior/exposed top tube (aka where the bag will be, NOT the top tube effective).  Use that measurement to compare to the size charts we provide on ALLLLLLLL our product pages.  Bodegas fit most traditional hardtail MTB frames...but you know those awesome frame builders are always trying new angles.  Yet again, get out your measuring tape and compare to our size charts.  If any of your measurements fall between sizes on any of the frame bags, we "recommend" going with a smaller bag. If you purchase a frame bag (or any product) from us and are unhappy with the fit, we accept returns or exchanges of unused gear if you can get it back to us within 30 days.

Are your bags waterproof?  The fabrics we use are waterproof, but because the bags are sewn together, small amounts of water can seep into the bags along the seams. This generally only happens during extremely wet weather.  We recommend using dry bags within the bike bags, if you’ll be traveling in the rain. Even simple zip locks do a great job. Keep in mind that even if the bags were waterproof, all that security would go out the door the moment you have to open the bag in inclement weather to get a snack or check your map.  Another way to minimize the possibility of leakage is to apply sealant to the seams.

Are y'all hiring?  Yes!  Please email us a brief resume and cover letter to

How do I become a Dealer?  Please fill out this application.

Will you sponsor me, my event, or my organization?  Can you provide me products for review?  Maybe.  We are a super small manufacturing business with different ideals than just profit margins.  This means there's not always a lot of wiggle room in our wallet for giveaways. With the countless number of requests for sponsorships and donations, we have chosen to focus our support on riders/rides that align with our unique character. You can apply here.   

Didn't find your answer?  Please email ( or call (719-293-1407).