LaShay's Sonoran Bloom

We are so proud in introduce LaShay's Sonoran Bloom line. She is an outstanding seamstress, artist and most of all she brings a ton of love, light and laughs wherever she goes. Each design in this collection is her original art!
Having grown up in the deserts of Arizona, Sonoran Bloom is part of my soul, and I’m so excited to share this piece of my heart with you! For me, art is in the process; the process of creating is why I create. With that being said, it took two years for this moment to be born. Designing patterns, particularly this one, has been a long time dream, and Oveja Negra has granted me the amazing opportunity to bring it to life! This pattern started out as one of my own watercolor paintings of prickly pear cactus. The desert is a beautiful and mysterious place; and the color palette was chosen to bring out the richness of the landscape. The imagery on the patch, sweatshirts and other merch was inspired by my recent trip home to be with my family. Come wander in the desert with me and treat yourself (or someone you love) to one of these special bags!