Steph's Pedal to the Metal Sticker

Steph's Pedal to the Metal Sticker

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  • 3" Sticker
  • Designed in Salida, CO by our friend Ryan O'Brien
  • Printed in Colorado
  • Super Dope
As is the case with most good things, the idea for employee designed bags came about on a bike packing trip. There we were, a small group of close friends during the summer of 2020 out looking for some trouble and a little bit of adventure. In the midst of a million ideas, some better than others, we started throwing around the notion of encouraging our coworkers to put their own unique spin on their favorite bag.  Between giant climbs and campfires, we brainstormed for couple more days and next thing I know Lane says, “so yea, you should go first” So here we are, the first edition of Ideas from the Flock.


Picture it- Pueblo, Colorado- a sunny day in June, 1984. Blah, blah, blah. Fast forward to the cold, waning days of 2020 as I put my final stitches into these bags I find myself loving every bit of them, but why?

I guess this is why.

This bag represents my unwavering love for sewing, growing things, trashy punk rock, and all things that are lovely because they are a little rough around the edges. It's about working hard today with the hope that we will be given the opportunity to hustle even harder tomorrow. We always hear that life is about finding balance. I’m not exactly sure what that means, or if it means anything at all, but I feel this bag represents some sort of balance. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have the facts of life. As we bravely and confidently venture into 2021 remember- You reap what you sew!

Love Always, SJP
Steph is one of our longest standing team members and has recently become a co-owner.  Learn a little more about why we love her here on our team bio's page.