The Banana Hammock


ABOUT THE Banana Hammock

We may not be able to solve world hunger, war, or disease...but we CAN solve smooshy bananas on your next bike ride. Don't call us heroes—ok, sure, do. There's been a banana-shaped hole in the bikepacking market for as long as we've been riding bikes and today is the day we say NAY, NO LONGER! Introducing the first and best of its kind, The Banana Hammock! Expertly designed to cradle your banana like a sweet little baby, this bag mitigates banana smoosh while providing moisture-wicking, temperature-controlled storage for your precious yellow cargo. With three mounting options, this bag is sure to be a one-size-fits-all banana haven for any bike from Stryders to Ducatis. Say sayonara to smooshy bananas 4ever. 

Mount your Banana Hammock in the following three ways:

1. The Monkey Bar: Sling it loud and proud from the front of your handlebars by attaching opposing end grab-loops via One-Wrap® to either side of your handlebar grips. 

2. The Banana Boat: Ride it Snack Pack® style on your top tube for EZ access and peeling.
3. The Low-Hanging Fruit: For those who don't mind living a little on the low-clearance edge, wrap that bad boy on your down tube and pray for the best. 


  • Velcro® One-Wrap® handlebar straps with multiple positioning points
  • YKK #8 Uretek EZ Peel® outside zipper with grab loops to help open and close while in the saddle for
  • Removable (for easy cleaning) genuine FlufferNutter® fur liner (limited edition from her first haircut)
  • Transparent side pocket for all of your treasures (***winning lotto ticket not included)
  • Removable crossbody strap for bananas off the bike and on the go!
  • X-Pac® VX21 and 1000d Cordura external fabric
  • 100% FlufferNutter fur interior fabric
  • MIL-spec webbing and binding
  • EMPTY WEIGHT: 9 oz.
  • CAPACITY: Bananas for you and your friends
  • MEASUREMENTS: 11.846" long, 4.7" tall, 3" wide
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. of domestic materials
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