Coral Camo Tote
Swanson Tote Bag
Swanson Tote Bag
Coral Camo Tote with Classic Oveja Negra (gold)
Swanson Tote Bag
Swanson Tote Bag
Swanson Tote Bag
WaCk Tote with Snake (gold)
WaCk Tote with Biker Babe (black)
WaCk Tote with Bear/Chicken Tandem (silver)
Wack Tote with UFO (teal)
Wack Tote with Art Deco Oveja Negra (black)
WaCk Tote with Classic Oveja Negra (teal)
WaCk Tote with Reap What You Sew (purple)
Wack Tote with Silly Sheepie (purple)
Swanson Tote Bag
WaCk Tote with Silly Sheepie (black)
WaCk Totes & Bear/Chicken Tandem (silver)
WaCk Tote
WaCk Tote
Swanson Tote Bag

Swanson Tote Bag

Regular price $35.00

Our Swanson Tote was designed to serve you well off the bike.  Super durable materials and construction make it the perfect carry-all for your loose gear that needs corralling on your way to Assssssspen or any where.  It's boxy size welcomes any number of goodies from bike shoes, a helmet, and clothes to IOU's and bricks of cash.  These aren't your mom's Samsonite bags, but Mary and all your beautiful buddies' are sure to flock to it like the salmon of Capistrano.


Let us add a lil flair to your tote...for FREE!  Get inspired from the photos to the left and then:

1. Choose a color: Gold, Silver, Purple, Black, or Teal

2. Choose a image: Snake, Biker Babe, Bear/Chicken Tandem, UFO, Art Deco Oveja Negra, Classic Oveja Negra, Reap What You Sew, Silly Sheepie, or Grand Marshal Soft Serve (Silver, Black, Pink, & Green only).

3. Put your request in "notes to seller" at checkout.

4. Wait with much excitement and anticipation!


  • X-Pac® VX21, X55
  • Cordura® 1000d fabrics
  • Mil-Spec Mesh
  • Mil-Spec webbing
  • Straps: ~25" off the bag
  • Handles: ~8.5" off the bag
  • POCKETS (1 MESH, 1 XPAC): 5.5" Deep, 4" Wide
  • WEIGHT: 6.8 oz.
  • DIMENSIONS13" Tall, 10" Wide, 8" Deep
*Wack Packs™ are constructed out of random colored fabric, webbing, and thread.  Guaranteed to be one of a kind, these bags are tastefully mixed and sewn from scraps and miss-matched cuts.  Although scrappy, all Wack Pack's are made from first quality fabric and materials.  Remember, we are happy to accept 1 or 2 color/pattern suggestions for your WaCk pAck...just add it in the "notes to seller" at check out.